online portfolio of Michael Bickel // software developer

About me:

Loves games and other complex software systems.

Prof. exp. on the PC(win/linux) and the Nintendo Wii.

Nowadays mostly coding in Haxe to create mostly web-related stuff.

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  1. Unnamed 3D adventure game - [prototype]

    2011 - A prototype I developed in cooperation with the folks at Outpost12Studios. It was the testbed for my 3D engine and blender-toolset.

    #flash11 #stage3d #blender #hxsl #skeletal_animation

  2. Kenexa World Conference Teaser - [contract work]

    2012 - The challenge was to make a realworld art-piece(made from paperloops) come to life as an interactive design that reacts on userinput and music. - Check it out!

    #flash11 #stage3d #blender #hxsl

  3. Unnamed topdown shooter - [prototype]

    2012 - An attempt to see how much of a game I could get out of procedurally generated content. Infinite unique levels, enemies and weapons generated from templates. Dynamic and baked lighting added as visual sugar on top.

    #dynamic_lights #procedural_content #flash10

  4. Dynamic 2D lighting engine - [prototype]

    2012 - A prototype for an alternative approach to dynamic 2d lighting. Turned out to be a pretty effective algorithm for software rendering at the cost of 1 drawcall per light, no matter how many occluders.

    #flash10 #dynamic_lights

  5. Roxy's Racer - [prototype]

    2012 - An attempt to see how feasible a 3d racer in flash with jiglib for rigid body physics would be. Turns out, without alchemy opcodes it will be a tough call. I have high hopes for a Html5 version though.

    #flash11 #stage3d #blender #jiglib

  6. Twinkle Star Rush - [released]

    2011 - Made this quick game over the course of a few days with free gfx by DanC. It was sponsored by spil-games. - Check it out!

    #flash10 #skill #runner

  7. Panzertroopers - [released]

    2011 - A fast paced topdown arena shooter with an insane amount of unlockable rewards. It's all about getting the highscore. It was sponsored by Armorgames. - Check it out!

    #flash10 #topdown_arena

  8. Unnamed tower defense game - [prototype]

    2011 - Explored the idea of mixing tower defense and realtime strategy elements in a flashgame. It featured 32 different units and towers with multiple levels of upgrades. What a balancing nightmare :)

    #flash10 #pathfinding

  9. Ravaged Galaxy - [prototype]

    2011 - A multiplayer collectible card game. Developed on top of an Apache-Tora-Redis stack, the game is playable in a basic form but lacks a proper GUI and art-assets due to time and money constraints. Some day this gets finished.

    #flash10 #multiplayer #haxe #tora #redis

  10. A lot more stuff can be found in my CV. Check it out! ⇐


  1. Unnamed concept of a sneaking game - [prototype]

    2011 - Visually explored the idea of a topdown sneaking game. Basic concept art, modelled the character and mocked some Gui-screens.

    #photoshop #blender